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DBS Evaluation Requirements

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Hello Mark.

I have not posted here in quite some time.  But PD continues to work its "magic" and after 11 years of trying to stay one step ahead of it, I am now seriously considering DBS surgery.  I am discovering that requirements even  for the evaluation vary from one center to another.  The center to whom I am now talking would like me to stop taking Ropinirole XL for 3 days before my dbs evaluation as well as 24 hrs. for carbidopa-levadopa (all forms).  I am concerned about stopping a dopamine agonist cold turkey for this length of time.  Am I being overly cautious?  Please weigh in-your advice has been spot on whenever I've written to you in the past.  Thanks so much.

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I totally agree with you that it is scary to stop your meds, especially an agonist, cold turkey. I would worry if you were only on an agonist. Since you are also on carb/levo,  it will be less of an issue.

I don't want to say it will be easy, but in order for the Dr's to evaluate you probably,  they will need to see you at your worst without your medications. 

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.


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