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Taking Flomax increased symptoms. Is there an alternative?

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I'm new to the forum but have a question regarding taking Flomax and having more Parkinson's symptoms.  My dad has had Parkinson's for many years and has been doing really well.  He recently was having trouble urinating, and his primary doctor called him in a prescription for Flomax.  Two days after he began taking it, his Parkinson's seemed much more advanced.  He took it for 3 weeks, and his symptoms have become much worse.  I was trying to find something out online, so I came here.  He stopped it cold turkey and has spoken to his primary care doctor. Is there something that would work better?  I really appreciate the help.  Thank you!

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Unfortunately all of the medications used for this issue:

(alfuzosin (Uroxatral) 
doxazosin (Cardura) 
silodosin (Rapaflo) 
terazosin (Hytrin)
Tamsulosin (Flomax)

All cause the same issue, which is known as OH,  also called Orthostatic Hypotension. This is where you try to stand too quickly from a seated or laying position, the blood does not get to the upper torso (mostly the brain) and can make you feel lightheadedness,  dizzy, and could cause you to faint.

Parkinson's also causes OH, so when these medications are given to a patient with Parkinson's,  the effect could cause a 1+1=3 severity of reaction.

I have seen Parkinson's patients take these medications,  but I really emphasize to get up out of a chair very slowly with someone there to help you and, when getting out of bed I recommend that while the person is laying down they should slowly sit up while in bed, slowly roll to the edge of the bed, sit on the edge of the bed for about a minute, then slowly put their feet on the floor with their torso still bent over, then finally move the torso up into a standing position. The patient should always have some one near by in case they need help.

In a recent study that I read in Men's Health Magazine that Itadalafil (Cialis), a medication usually used for erectile dysfunction (ED), has been studied for the possible treatment of BPH, it shows some promise at a low dose taken once a day. The only issue is that the study was too small, but they going to be trying it on a larger group with a greater age range.

Use this same principles that stated above when taking a bath or shower, getting out of a car, or anywhere you need to stand from a seated position. 

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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