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My husband was diagnosed with PD about three years ago and started on Sinemet about a year ago.  He is on 2 tabs of Carb/Levo TID and has been since starting one year ago. He is doing very well on this regimen and is very active. He does have some very mild dyskinesia that started soon after starting Carb/Levo but no motor fluctuations to speak of yet. 

A few days ago my husband was coughing up some phlegm in his throat and began to have an episode which I would describe as stridor for about 1-2 minutes. -- his eyes became wide and fearful and he had a loud-high pitched wheezing on inspiration and expiration. He was not choking on any food or foreign object this was just phlegm, and saliva. He reports the sensation that his "windpipe narrows and becomes very small". After the 1-2 minute episode there are no more symptoms. He has had this happen before -- he thinks, even a few years before diagnosis-- but only occasionally--perhaps 5 or 6  times in the last 5 years.

He does have some issues with speaking softer, occasionally voice comes out in a whisper. but when he consciously thinks about putting effort into speaking this is not a problem. This has not worsened much over the last year and has been stable. He did see a speech language pathologist about a year ago --because he does throat clear and occasionally cough after eating. He passed his tests with SLP with flying colors.  

My question is -- can stridor be a symptom of Parkinsons -- even this early on when he is doing so well otherwise. I know that stridor can often point to MSA and he did present with bilateral symptoms early on and does not have a typical resting tremor. However, he has absolutely no other autonomic symptoms, and his progression seems quite slow. 

I hesitate to make a big issue of this "stridor" as the episode was short and has only occurred a handful of times. However if this were to continue -- is this most likely from PD or should we look for another cause. And if it is PD --what can be done-- it is pretty scary when it happens. 

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I think this can happen with Parkinson and I would recommend a repeat speech and language evaluation with a swallow study.  The stridor from MSA is usually a bit different and I am not sure what you are describing qualifies as stridor.  Good luck.

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