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Water quality

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Hi all!  Been awhile!  To the point...I'm considering getting a whole house water filter hoping that purer water may help with longevity/keeping Parkinsons from worsening longer.  I live in a city that has very hard water and occasionally comes out brown...thoughts?


Take care and God bless you all,



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The key to water filters is to look carefully at the specs.  For example, fluoride is a very dangerous chemical that is added to many municipal water supplies.  Many whole house water filters do nothing to get rid of fluoride.  Instead of a whole house water filter, I filter all the water that we drink with a Big Berkey filter.  It not only removes all the bacteria and other crud, it removes the fluoride.  Just remember that there are many other toxic things we are putting in our bodies.  For example, GMO food, BPA in plastic water bottles/containers, pesticides in/on food, etc.

Bottled water generally won't help and in most instances is nothing more than water from a municipal water supply put in a plastic bottle.



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The current plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, and they're very stable — as opposed the bottles used years ago, which were memorable for their ability to leach chemicals.

"Ink from the label could go through the plastic, but it doesn't happen anymore," Edward said.

Water bottles produced today are so stable that the FDA considers them to have an indefinite safety shelf life, and doesn't require an expiration date for them. But the agency says long-term storage of the water may result in an off-odor and taste, and bottlers may voluntarily put expiration dates on the bottles.

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