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UNLV Gait Study

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 Any PD folks in Vegas available? Short term 2 week participation. They need approx 8 more people.

Contact Kathy directly if interested or questions

Subjects Needed for Gait Training Study in Parkinson’s Disease

The Neurophysiology of Movement Lab (directed by Dr. Brach Poston) and the Gait and Balance Lab (directed by Dr. Merrill Landers) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas are looking for persons with Parkinson’s disease to participate in a research study involving gait training in Parkinson’s disease. Study participants will be asked to perform a gait training protocol that involves walking on a specialized treadmill while receiving non-invasive, painless transcranial direct current stimulation of the motor cortex area of the brain.

Participation in this study will require completion of 9 gait training sessions over a 2 week period each lasting about 30-45 minutes. In addition, 4 testing sessions will be done (1 on the first training day, 1 after the last training day, 1 two weeks after the two week training period ends, and 1 four weeks after the training period ends). All experiments will be performed in the Gait and Balance Lab, which is located in the BHS Building at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

  •   We are recruiting male and female Parkinson’s disease patients between the ages of 30 and 85 for this research.

  •   We cannot accept persons who have suffered a neurological or peripheral injury or disease with a possible long-lasting effect on gait function.

  •   Finally, we cannot accept people who have shrapnel or metal fragments in their head or people who have implanted medical devices such as pacemakers or deep brain stimulators.

    Participants will be compensated $100 cash for completing the experiment.

    If you are potentially interested, or for more information, please contact:

RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Kathy Nagle kathleen.nagle@unlv.edu Lab Phone: 702-895-5473 Cell Phone: 216-650-3204

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Brach Poston brach.poston@unlv.edu Office Phone: 702-895-5329


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