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Medications for other conditions used in treating PD symptoms in Animal studies.

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Dear Pharmacist, Please consider this article,just to continue the trend in my previous post to you concerning, old drugs used for other medical conditions,now being used in studies to treat PD symptoms.Check out this linkhttp://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/851144/parkinsons-disease-drug-antidepressant-treatment.This study was done at the university of Michigan on rats.What is the rationale behind using a  tricyclic antidepressant to stop PD?I should human trials should have been considered first,because this drug is already being used to treat depression.

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It is always good to here from you and I do have an answer for this. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous that a medication that has already been approved for human consumption for one ailment cannot be tried in humans for a study in another ailment.

The reason is that the FDA requires that any drug company that is trying to prove that their medication can be used for another condition will have to go through the same clinical trials as if it were a new medication. I see both sides of it because I am a pharmacist and a person with Parkinson's Disease. The scientist in me completely agrees with this rule because it is better to find a side effect, no matter how small or big, on an animal than a human. Being a person with Parkinson's, if some told me to eating the bark of an Oak tree would help me, I would probably be the first one to strap on a feed bag filled with Oak tree bark.

Many other countries do not have an over viewing body, like the FDA, to make sure certain medication go through multiple studies to prove a medication can work on different diseases or ailments. The U.S. government is attempting to speed up the FDA approval process. As much as we all would like this, this may make the approval process less stringent where steps may be overlooked just to get a medication to market. Personally, I would rather wait a few years to make sure a product is safe before I take it as opposed to taking it and not knowing what exactly the side effects may be on my certain disease state. Even though a medication may be safe for human consumption for one issue, it may be contraindicated on people with other issues.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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