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23 and Me update

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I'm very suspicious of some of these DNA testing services. I don't know what the fine print of 23 and me is, but when my grandma who has been doing genealogy for almost 50 years looked into it you give up any rights to your DNA indefinitely. Thus anything gained, patented etc. from your DNA you have no rights to. Just be aware to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line like any thing else.

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Hey folks, I was one  to sign up for 23 and me to do PARKINSON'S RESEARCH!

One of the things that came out for the initial research is there is more than one genetic component to Parkinson's. 

Somethings are very interesting including I am a fast metabolize. Basically I can drink five espresso's in the morning, and it is just a good day. Other people would be so jittery and buzzed it would stay with them the rest of the day. Flip slide is drugs flush through my system much more rapidly than most.

Shaker Dave the "give up your rights" is really a broad paint brush. Police can not request your DNA profile from them. If they extract that you can smell asperugus after urinating it, well that is still your DNA. However they can discover there is a genetic link to being able to smell that scent.

If anyone said "I'm opting out of all possible research" that means no future development in understanding why we have Parkinson's, nor helping out the next generation in finding a cure. Ditto with my blood (I've donated for cancer research). Once I'm done with it, researchers are welcome to my brain. http://www.parkinson.org/pd-library/fact-sheets/brain-donation

I realize some people think and testing of DNA shouldn't be done, but to me if it helps out the next generation it is worth it.

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