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what do you do for fatigue

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Ive had pd for about 10 yrs

deep brain about a year ago, no more meds ,what a relief

I've recently had a lot of fatigue

I've tried nuvigil with some success but wondered what others with pd related are doing

thanks in advance S

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Niacin made a huge difference for my fatigue.  I take 1gram 3x daily of regular niacin (full flush) .  If you use it look up info on niacin flushes which you will go through while your body adjusts.  Flush free niacin is not safe to take at high dose

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I've learned to accept fatigue.  Its a normal part of PD, and gets worse as it progresses.

From my experience, the best way to deal with fatigue is rest. Exercise and work when you can, rest when you can't.  I quit working, and it was the best thing I ever did in terms of managing PD fatigue.

No supplement or medication for fatigue has ever been a good long term solution for me, and I've tried them all.

I find 2 hour naps, when tired, to be very refreshing.  I take daily naps after lunch.  In fact, I'm going to doze off in about 20 minutes. :)

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Great post!  So much wisdom and practicality i what you say.  I've found it all to be true in my own life.  No way to get around having to cut back on so much in order to get the rest our body lets us know it needs.  This past weekend I got into something I've been needing to get done, and I got energized but pushed way beyond when my body had told me to stop.  I've paid for it the past three days.  Interesting that the push got the things done i wanted but caused me to to lose 3 days I could have done so much more.  :--)

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