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Sleep Problem

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I have a sleeping problem. During the day I fall into a deep sleep where I  cannot be awakened. I have slept through breakfast, lunch and dinner, doctor appointments etc. I have slept for 35 hours straight.  I feel drugged . I can't prevent it from happening. I hear  people trying to get me up but I  cannot move or keep my eyes open.  I don't get any meds when I am in  this deep sleep.  

I am was taking  2 Rytary [23.75-95mg each]  7 to 8 times a day  [every 2 1/2 hrs ]  starting at 5 am and ending at 10 pm.

I was taking  Requip HCL 0.5mg along with the Rytary (7 times a day).

  A nurse at the NPF suggested it may be the Requip..so I have cut it down to 3x a day. That seems to have helped but i still have the problem. Some days are better than others. 

I am also experiencing moments of brain fog and have memory loss. I can't remember what day it is or what happened yesterday.  

AND then there are moments like this. When I feel perfectly normal  and am capable of writing this. Is all of this part of the disease?    I am very worried about the fact that I cannot be awakened 


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We always recommend to see your doc; wean off agonists and in some cases the levodopa (Rytary) needs to be reduced.  We also get a sleep study and we look at all the meds.

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