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Hi Mark:

Last time I talked to you the doctor had given me entacopone, but it caused diarrhea and he took me off of it.

Now he has given me amantadine. I started with one 100 mg at 9 am. The first two days I slept a lot and had a light headache. Then the rest of the week I felt better and better with very little tremors. This week my tremors are worse. So I went on my second pill which thr doctor told me to take at 2 pm. Yesterday and especially today my tremors have been so bad I can feel it in my whole body and especially movement of my head.

Can you tell me if this will pass or what is going on? As always, thanks for any help you can provide.


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These are side effects of the medication that usually subside the longer a patient is on it. Any time there is the addition or increase in dosage of a medication is the time when most adverse reactions take place. It does take time for the body to become "accustomed" to a new medication or an increase in dosage. This should go away anytime between 1 week and 1 month after starting the medication or increasing the dosage of that medication.

If you do not have any improvement after approximately 2 to 3 weeks, I would then contact your physicians.

I hope this helps and pleas keep me posted.

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