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Can dry eyes be treated.

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Dear Doctor, 

Until recently I did not know about the relation between dry eyes and psrkinson"s.I hev PD for the last 20 years.  I have had one VIM and one bilataral STN.

The STN is stimuleted. On 2016 I started having dry eyes and seeing  object double, surfaces covered with geometric shapes and edges and coners with moving little insects.I know that as regular treatment I have to take eye drops to luudricate the  eyeball  I have  the following questions:

1. Is there a strong medication or exercise or surgical instrument that will speed up the initial treatement That can get the eyes back to normal and then start the regular maintenance. many opthalmologists have very llittle idea on this relationsip between the two diseases.

2.  Is there any relarinship between dry eyes and diurnly halucinations.

Since I tried to write this looking at a screen wit everything doubled, there are probably  typos. Sorry for that. 


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I am not sure of a relationship between dry eyes and hallucinations but in the office we treat the two problems differently.  Here are a few tips.

PD patients blink less and may have dry eyes.  Eye drops are usually helpful.

PD patients often have double vision and the eyes at close distances do not work together well (convergence insufficiency).  Sometimes a neuro-opthalmologist can help (prism glasses).

Hallucinations and psychosis we treat through checking for urinary and other infections; optimizing medications, and in some cases adding a medication.  This should be a complex discussion with the neurologist or psychiatrist.

Hope that helps.

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