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Coffee, tea or alcohol?

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What, if any, is the prevailing recommendation on whether beverages with caffeine can be consumed in moderation when one has PD?

ThanksAnd the same question with regard to alcoholic beverages, again in moderation?


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I drink about 4 cups of strong coffee every day and have an occasional beer or mixed drink. Never have any problem unless the drink turns into 7 or 8. Then the next day is a little rough.

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Seemingly paradoxically some PWPs find caffeine helps with their symptoms.  Though for others it may exacerbate them.  If you normally drink coffee/tea and think you might be in the latter group then try going off caffeine for a month.  If there's no improvement, or if your PD symptoms get worse then feel free to go back to the old habits with coffee/tea.  If you don't currently drink coffee/tea then you can always experiment with a cup a day for a week and see what that does.


As far as alcohol, I think the recommendation for PWPs is no different than it is for the general population.  I don't notice any real effect on my PD in either direction with alcohol.  Though, as SWVA noted, if you get carried away it makes the next day rough.


Bottom line is, it depends on the individual as to how your PD symptoms respond to any drug, prescription or recreational.  How something affects me may or may not translate very well to you.  I know that's a frustrating answer, but PD isn't like a lot of other diseases that are less individually various.

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