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forming and keeping relationships

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The last few years have been difficult maintaining relationships with the opposite sex. I get depressed and angry towards people that care about me and they walk away. Counseling has not helped

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You have to be the one to make the effort to change how you react to people.  There is only so much a person can take or is willing to be someone's emotional or physical punching bag.   We all have some form of demon that we are facing.   It's up to us to break free and look beyond our own problems.  I do a lot of boo hooing  of my life and how it's been going but I made the choices and I live with it.   Whatever you are going through now you are still better off than a lot of people in the world. I see it that way.  Take care.


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Stay strong!

You can only do so much. Do what you are able to do in those situations and what you consider right.

Life will be the way it is meant to be.

You will be fine. I wish you a better year ahead!

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