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I have an answer to the carbidopa/levodopa mystery!!!

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This is pretty stunning, in a good way.  The best fail ever?!?

Dr. Larry Afrin diagnosed (per current peer review guidelines) that I have primary Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. In addition to that, he identified that two gene's on my pharmacogenetic testing are supposed to remove histamines and other damaging things like cortisol are moderately to severely impaired, which exacerbate the MCAS.  So not only do I make to much histamine, I can't get rid of it either.  I'm overachieving even in my underachievement. That's why medications, contrast and anesthesia have been such a problem my whole life. 

And lets just say that the big fancy M medical center here COMPLETELY missed this.  UTTERLY and COMPLETELY missed it- in 13 specialties missed it.  This is why all of us need to get a second opinion!!!!!So simple, yet so hard to find.

Now, onto excipient exclusion testing.  If I may, I might need help chasing down ingredients. Big pharma doesn't like to talk to patients about ingredients that might be killing them.  :)


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This definitely explains why over the years that many of the changes we tried and should have worked, and didn't. Thanks for the info, and good luck.

I hope this helps you and please keep me posted.

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