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apokyn injections

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 I have been struggling in the evening.  I take 1 rytary, and 3 regular sinemet @ 5 or so and am off by 7. I have been taking 2 sinement when the 5 dose wears off could be 645-7

I was still off after that 7 dose, almost like it wasnt working at all. I usually eat alound 545 to give rhe 5 dose time to kick in  I have been trying liquid sinemet to see  if that would help absorption and it really hasn t helped. So I spend around 2 hours off shaking like a fish out of water. I get so sweaty I have to change my shirt sometimes 2 shirts before  going to bed @930

My doc  asked me if I ever had apokyn injections  

I dont know anything about it.  I quickly did a google search and it said  for use in advanced pd .  I dont think thats me. I was dx'd 2009 and am still able to get around.

Could you please explain what it is , its use and if you think it would help me.


Thank you for all the time you devote to answering our questions    

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It is not necessarily for advanced PD patients, but most advanced PD patients are the one's who run into issues with recovering from off times.

Apokyne is an injection, basically a put in place and press the "trigger" that will help people recover from an off time in a matter of minutes. I tried it on one occasion and it worked well. I did not need it after that because I was lucky enough to rearrange my med schedule to correct this.

It is also mostly used for patients who have freezing off periods. As I always say, if it can improve your quality of life, it might be worth a try. You will usually meet with a representative from the company who will show you how to use it and will go over the product in detail.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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