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john pepper

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I've been conversing with John for awhile.He has had PD twenty years now and he's eighty.He takes no meds and is still getting around.He uses concentration and brisk walking and a great sense of parky humor.After talking with him it has given me more confidence to keep going with my concentration and diversion.he did say that it comes back when he stops using it.This happens to me also.he didn't mention tremor.best thing he told me he hasn't seen a doctor since 2004.isn't that astounding.The mind creating new neural pathways.One thing that helps me the most now is having a strong purpose .

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I have noticed for myself on days where I have a positive attitude and keep my mind occupied on other tasks I barely feel my symptoms . On the other side of the coin there are days when I feel whoa is me kind of attitude every symptom I have rises to the surface . So for me keeping active and keeping myself occupied is my key to happiness and symptom control . Easier said than done in winter . Spring ,summer and fall much easier .


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