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Neupro patch

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I was prescribed the Neupro patch last fall for abdominal dystonia. After a month, I experienced severe orthostatic hypotension. It was not a good medication for me. I'll stick with my Duopa pump.

I hope you have better results.


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I was on Neupro 4mg until about 9 months ago (see my signature for details). Fine med for me, although the nausea never really went away, and could be pretty miserable. I rarely wore the patch for 24 hours--usually took it off at bedtime, otherwise I'd be up at 3 am feeling sick to my stomach. Supposedly, 4mg is about the lowest clinically active dose, so I wouldn't expect much effect at 1-2mg (but it's important to increase dose slowly, as you are doing).

Some days, I miss the Neupro--although my symptoms are still mild to unnoticeable (to others), Neupro seemed to smooth out my gait, reduce stiffness, caused noticeable increase in arm swing, and (maybe) slight tremor reduction.

I'll prob. start back up again in a few months.

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I have been on Neupro for about a year.  Started very slowly, and now am on 6 mg, and I find that the nausea has mostly gone away.  I have itching where the patch was for a day or two, but that is manageable.  It has smoothed out my med doses (Rytary four times a day), and has helped me get a solid six hours of sleep. I have noticed some mild leg swelling at night, but also have put on a couple of pounds, which I needed to do.  All in all, it has been a good thing for me.  I wish you luck with it.









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