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husband and wife, both with young onset PD?

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my name is Rolando, I live in the North Italy in a small village in the Alps. I am a physicist, my wife a chemical engineer. I worked as a researcher on em fields, my wife as a designer of devices for producing resins and waxes. We are retired now, we think to were not ever chronically exposed to any substance or agent able to induce PD.
We are not related by blood, there are no history of PD in our families, and a genetic investigation has not found any evidence of a genetic origin. 
my PD was diagnosed in 2007, my wife in 2011, both Datscan supported. At that time I was 46, my wife 50.
By simply doing some math, the likelyhood of such an event seems very, very low. Doctors, here in Italy, to whom we asked have confirmed they have not ever seen or even heard of such a case. We asked them about what to analyze, either in the environment: house, water supply, soil or air or in our body: csf, hair, blood ...., but a clear suggestion was never given.
We have a boy, 19, healthy, and we are worried he could develop PD. 


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Agree, this is rare.  We have seen husband's and wives with PD but not usually early PD.  Maybe there was something occupational for you both (resins etc.)?

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