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Local MDS or center of excellence 1 1/2 hours away? Your thoughts

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IMHO, preventing members of a group potentially more vulnerable than the general population from being taken by a snake oil salesmen is doing good for the world.


You keep saying your papers are peer reviewed.  I have neither the time nor inclination to go to your site and figure out where you were published or who has been on the peer review committee for those publications.  But my guess is that the peer reviewers are not entirely disinterested third parties.  Please, prove my hunch wrong, and I will delete this post.


I will also just point out that the article in The Lancet that set off the hysteria over vaccines causing autism was peer reviewed and yet was a complete and utter fraud.  Lancet very publicaly retracted the  article a few years later.  The "doctor" that published that paper lost his medical license over it, and I'm not positive but I think he even did jail time for the fraud.  Even if he didn't go to prison he has still been expelled from the medical community.

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