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Mary Friedberg

B6 supplementation to correct deficiency

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Dear Doctor, 

My PCP checked my B6 levels. I received a phone message to take 100 mg of B 6 daily because my levels were deficient. I take carbidopa levodopa 25-100, 1.5 tablets, four times a day.

I read that I should not take more than 10-15mg of B6 on your ask the Nutritionist section of this website because the carbidopa doesn't protect the levadopa  with high levels of B 6 supplementation and the levodopa may convert to dopamine in the stomach and blood stream, not in the brain.

What level of supplementation would be safe for me to take and maintain carbidopas protective effective?

Thank you , 


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Too much B6 can cause neuropathy so we recommend what is in daily over the counter multi-vitamins.  We then recommend that levels are followed by your doctor and care taken not to overdose.

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