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Pa Pa Doug

Nightly bladder problems

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How do you cope with the over powering need to urinate at night, I mean the three or four drops thing all night, get up, waking my wife who knows I do it just  to torture her. I really need any ideas you have, I don't care if it's silly or not but I need a good nights sleep.  This has just developed in the last four months and I have had three bad falls that I attribute them to not getting enough rest , Yes I've been to a urologist . Ant help would be so much appreciated   Doug

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Because there could be a number of different medical issues causing your problems, I'll break down what I take for two of mine:  (1) For Parkinson's effect on the bladder that caused me frequent and extremely urgent needs to urinate large volumes, and leakage, I have a prescription for Myretriq from a urologist who has a sub-specialty in Parkinson's/Movement Disorders;  (2)  for symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, I have a prescription for Cialis 5mg for Daily Use (generic: Tadalafil that I buy from a reputable pharmacy in Canada because insurance won't cover it and prices in the U.S. are too extremely high).  Talk with your MDS and urologist about which might be best for your symptoms.


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