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I have been making liq sinemet for use @ 5  and 7 pm

I started making it in the morning and then I have been putting it in the refrigorator 

It could be my imagination but it doesnt seem to as well.

Is it safe to make it ahead 

does the temp when you drink it make a difference

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Once it is made in the morning it should be good all day. You are keeping it in the refrigerator, which is the correct thing to do. The only thing that may be an issue is that you have to vigorously shake it before each and every use.

Also, different refrigerator's have different temperature zones within the cabinet. I notice that when I put something in the back on the top shelf it has a tendency to freeze up. If you keep it in the door it has a tendency to be affected by the door being opened and closed several times a days, so you don't really get a perfect temp.

I usually recommend to keep it toward the frond of the shelf, preferably on the top shelf. But I believe when you use the lower shelves you should probably keep it toward the middle of the shelf.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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