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Is there a severe drug interaction between Namzaric and Seroquel.

My Mom was just prescribed seroquel and I am wondering how long between the seroquel and Namzaric should I administer it.

The doctor just prescribed my mom the lowest dose of seroquel, I am hesitant to start her on this.

your opinion is much appreciated ! 




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There is a non-severe drug interaction between Namzaric and Seroquel.

Namzaric is made up of two different ingredients, Donepezil and Memantine.

Seroquel can reruce the effectiveness of Donepezil. This interaction may also cause lethergy, confusion, and drowsiness.

Seroquel can also interact with the other ingredient in Namzaric, Memantine. The resulting interaction can range from dry skin, mouth and eyes, to memory loss, confusion, hyperactivity, hallucinations, and twitching or jerking. This is usually more prominent and severe in elderly patients.

This best way to avoid this interaction is to separate taking the medications by at least 2 hours. It does not matter the order in which they are taken, but the separation of 2 hours will allow one medication to be absorbed and metabolised before the other medication is taken.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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