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Jacques van Havre


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In my search for a solution to the problem of turning in bed I found that an innovative, patented mattress overlay would have been designed by Dr med. Helmuty Völkner, a German physician.

The system automatically turns the patient on a selected schedule. The unit consists of a double row ofr air cells, side by side, divided in the center to provide pressure relief along the axis of the body. Two air hoses connect the air cells to a control unit containing micro processors and an air pump. Each side of air cells is alternatively inflated and deflated, turning the patient gently from side to side up to 40°.The equipment woulde have been awarded the Gold Medal for the best invention in its category at the Inventor's Exhibition in Nürnberg in 1984.

The equipment would have been introduced to the USA by a company by the name of JamesConsolidated Inc. who became the importer and exclusive distributror for North America (www.volkner.com).

Does any body has any experience with this system and can vouch for this company?

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Guest pokermid

sorry for being flippant Jacque, but it sounds a lot of hot air to moi.

i think you would be better suited falling off a blow up doll and lighting a ciggie.

dont waste your money sunshine.

c'est la vie.


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Pokermid, that really is too flippant! My mom is in a nursing home and has an overlay mattress that seems like a stripped down version of what Jacque describes--big air cells and hoses, plugs in, changes pressure on some kind of schedule. It's very helpful for folks who are mostly bed-ridden and apparently helps prevent or heal bedsores. It doesn't do the 40 degree angle as far as I've observed. My impression is that the version my mom has is standard issue for folks who spend more time in bed than not.



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To poquemid: to tell U the thrut, my reaction to the advertisement for the turning sysytem was somehow the same as yours, hence my post in this forum. There is as saying in french which says that the light of thrut is generated by the chock of the ideas. Your reaction was exactly that!


To Zae: thank U very much for your kind and most interesting reaction.


Wish you both my best wishes for 2008.

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