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Saliva, phlegm and Parkinson's Disease

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There are 15% Parkinson's patients starting the levodopa thereapy report the above diseases.


Saliva and phlegm are one of the syndromes of Parkinson's Disease. Sometimes we are difficulty to diagnose them.


I was told that the phlegm is actually thick saliva locked deep down in my throat.Due to PD medication the saliva become thicker and stringier. The thick saliva locked down my throat that is itching and I feel the needs to cough and clear my throat all the times


In fact excess saliva in the mouth which causes drooling, is one of the syndrome and feature of Parkinson’s . Studies shown that 70-80% of people with Parkinson’s experience this problem.


The condition is not due to excess production. On the contrary most people with Parkinson’s actually produce less saliva. The problem is that PD reduces the frequency of automatic swallowing, and this in turn allows saliva to accumulate within the mouth that causes saliva drooling when the mouth is opened. This is why PD have mask face (poker face)


PD patients feel socially embarrassing for the above that are reluctant to go out in public



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