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How did your tremor, start feel and progress?

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I apologise if I go over old ground but as I have an internal tremor and pretty confused by the feelings and the emotion of it, I thought it would be a big help to not just me but others on how tremors start and progress.


For you was it like a switch was turned on and the tremor was just there, or did it start just a little in a certain part of the hand and progress and if so over what time? Has anyone got the pill rolling, and if so did this just start as this or did it progres over a period of time?


I have started with an internal twitch in the thumb, index finger which was followed a couple of days later by an internal tremor throughout the hand when at rest.


The twitch and tremor stop with action, but both come back at rest, with the vibration part of the tremor very bad in bed to the point I cannot sleep or it wakes me up and it has spread to both hands but worst is the left where it started.


I guess I am trying to gauge is this sounds familar to anybody and if not, how everyone first noticed it and how it progressed. There is a post of first symptoms but not a lot of information of how it feels or progressed so people can understand this new sensation.


I also have an arm shake and my upper body shakes, ny thumbs and fingers also have a pronounced jump type twitch aout 10 times a day, apart from this all my symptons are not noticable on the outside but are all inside.


Many thanks



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My first tremors stated in my left hand ring finger...just a tiny tremor, almost like a twitch. This tiny little tremor was very inconsistent over a period of 1-2 years. I thought it was due to a wrist injury for quite some time and took to wearing a wrist support. However, in spite of the wrist support, the tremor continued very irregularly. After about 20 months of ignoring the tremor, I began to notice that I did not swing my left arm as i walked. Instead I found myself carrying it as if it were in a sling. Also about this time my tremor became more substantial. While holding a piece of paper to show to someone, the paper was just all over the place due to my tremor. When using my hands to wave at someone I noticed my left hand was slow, awkward and clumsy. Feeble and weak like. then one day under heavy stress, my lower left arm tremored. I also noticed a twitching muscle in my left facial cheek. At first it felt like a buzzing but then I realized it was actually a tremor. My left hand and fingers also had a stiff feeling as if one was wearing a glove that was way to small and when I would try to bend my fingers it was difficult because of that tight feeling.


I did get to the pill rolling stage but that took several more months and I no longer experience that because my meds help me.


I saw a neurologist at that point in time and he said PD right away. Looking back I also had frozen shoulder and a number of other symptoms which I now know were part of the PD package of symptoms but they actually preceeded the tremor.


I take requip and sinemet now. They help me quite a bit. So that's the scoop on how my tremors started. hope this helps.


I recommend that you see a good neurologist, a movement disorders doc, if you can. Let us know how things are as you learn more. PD is not a death sentence but does require adjustments that are often quite manageable. You'll find great support here. Best health to you,



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Hello Eileen,


Thank you for your reply.


From many posts I got the impression the tremor just started and did not really progress, mine have been getting gradually worse so it seemed a contradiction. I got a twitch between thumb and finger, then a vibration/buzz, major twitches and then a feeling like they are "ringing" and it is painful and keeps me awake.


It is starteling when the hand just moves and jolts, twisting side to side. This has happened a few times only and it is disturbing.


Like you I now see the symptons, numbness, twitches, dead hand, frozen shoulder which came three months ago. To be fair I am glad i did not notice and had the extra time in blissfull ignorance.


Good luck with everything.


Kind regards.



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About 10 years ago I noticed a slight tremor in my knee. Soon after I noticed a slight tremor in my hand, and within about 3 years it had spread to my right arm. I was misdiagnosed with Essential Tremors and prescribed propranolol which made me feel like shit. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with PD and prescribed Mirapex etc. but nothing helped the tremors. Two and a half years ago, about 3 days after being prescribed Artane, I had a bad psychotic and physical reaction and ended up in the hospital twice. It progressed my PD by 10 to 20 years and although I`ve recovered to a large degree, it has left me in worse shape than before. Now I have difficulty walking at times, sleep very little, etc. I now take 250 mg sinemet every 4 hours - total of 1,000 daily.


But on the positive side, I`ve been using medical marijuana for the last two and a half years and it has helped with many symptoms, especially tremors. Before nothing helped the tremors, it was constant and sometimes pronounced, but the MM lessens the tremors and gives me tremor-free periods of sweet relief.


When the tremor first spread I would often feel internal tremors but rarely now. My advice for tremors is it helps to try and get use to it. Try to relax although shaking - sorta detaching from it. Like Tai Chi, you`ve got to turn the tremors into a type of meditation in movement.It sounds like a contradiction but I find it helps to just get use to it. Ironically, I was very self-conscious before my med reaction even though my tremors were barely noticeable. That changed after I could barely walk and had limited mobility for 6 months. I now accept the tremors and try not to fight it, but again the MM helps too.


Welcome to the group!......

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"To be fair I am glad i did not notice and had the extra time in blissfull ignorance"




Does your tremor worsen when you focus on it? Meditation helps me vastly in this arena;not by fighting the tremor justallowing and then focus on the breath. sinemet helps me meditate tho. i think that meditation practice is as important as exercise


progression was very slow for me however i got a LOT of complimentary care and experienced many improvements within the cycles...ups and downs...i remind myself thatlife IS cyclic by nature, and ever changing and moving toward wholeness.

congratulations...you have arrived to a place wherre developing self acceptance becomes very accessible!




Love after love by Derek Walcott


The time will come

when, with elation

you will greet yourself arriving

at your own door, in your own mirror

and each will smile at the other's welcome,


and say, sit here. Eat.

You will love again the stranger who was your self.

Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart

to itself, to the stranger who has loved you


all your life, whom you ignored

for another, who knows you by heart.

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,


the photographs, the desperate notes,

peel your own image from the mirror.

Sit. Feast on your life.

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ghostgirl, i am so glad that you wrote about meditation. after the tremors started, in my left hand first, then my right, i found it difficult to meditate. the quiet time made it more obvious. but i need to meditate more , now, then before, so i don't believe that i am this body , this image, these tremors. so, now, i just keep up the breath and not pay attention to the tremors, and i've had good experiences. i do qigong practise as well, which helps so much with letting go in order to sleep. i feel wierd when people notice my tremor and they can't figure out the story. but this also makes me have to say to myself, this is not who i am and i can say something or talk about how great my grandson is, or how happy that i am painting better paintings since i found a teacher, or how cool my husband is. when the people see me walk, i see on their faces , an expression of shock - suprise. i've been a dancer all my life. but hey, life is an adventure. go with it. i still dance the life of surprises. sellegeline, maripex, help an awful lot. i am grateful....for the good stuff.

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hello shakti :)


i'm not sure how selegeline would effect a meditative state....or mirapex...that might be an interesting gauge forr assessing drug benefit. there was a program on "60 minutes" last night about healthy people taking drugs given foor ADD to enhance performance and focus--very common practice at law and medical schools -no long term studies tho....


the irony of pd is the dillemma of finding movement in stillness and stillness in movement! I took ballet lessons for 7 years- very controlled movement - looking for rythym now. but i do LOVE to dance!


i would guess that you have been a bit of a perfectionist? pd fixes that one lol!


kind regards!

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excerpt from a poem by D /h Lawrence:


Song of a Man Who Has Come Through




Not I, not I, but the wind that blows through me!

A fine wind is blowing the new direction of Time.

If only I let it bear me, carry me, if only it carry me!

If only I am sensitive, subtle, oh, delicate, a winged gift!

5 If only, most lovely of all, I yield myself and am borrowed

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I found that my left hand rotated when I put my arm in a particular position. Since my mother had primary tremor I thought I was probably getting the same thing. Some time later my right leg started moving a bit. Both would stop if I changed position. I took selegiline and requip but neither did much to help. Sinemet totally stops the tremor although I will shake if I crash (drug not working for some reason).


My primary problem is major stiffness and anxiety during a crash. the brakes are on all my muscles and it takes a lot of effort to move at all without the dopamine. My hand will still shakes on occasion and my leg will also but this is not a big problem for me. The anxiety is the worst. I'll obsess over pills and worry about absolute trivia until the sinemet kicks in. I'm pretty much impossible to deal with crashed. Anxiety was my first symptom I believe and has been going on for 25 years or so. Sinemet does stop it but I have huge fluctuations. right now I've switched to regular sinemet every two hours 100mg because I started having buildup again with the Cr which does do a better job for longer time between pills but buildup is a problem with it and it's hard to tell when it's too much to too little because of food interaction. It's a pain but I'm still walking, working in and out of the house, going out to eat and living a pretty much normal although unpredictable life since I never know when I'll crash and can't do anything until it kicks in again. I actually feel very lucky that the tremor is controlled so far DX 10 years.

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