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Good morning!!

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On 4/24/2017 at 10:45 AM, TheCount said:

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you all have (or are having) a great day....I haven't been on here in a little while, just trying to keep myself busy (I don't really need to try) between work, coaching little league, working on my "honey do" list  it keeps me going....The hardest part of everything is not "crashing" when I get too tired and if I stop and rest I don't want to get back up, lol.


Well Happy Moanday....I mean Monday :D



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No I don't have the button but I loved what it said !  Have a good weekend everyone! 

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Oh boy! I need this button!! When folks tell me I look so good and they think my PD must be getting better - well, I just have to chuckle!! (Or scream)

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I know just what you mean, Mama.  :-).  I've had friends and acquaintances do the same thing.  What always amazes me is that people don't often seem to look up Parkinson's on line to at least get some idea of the symptoms and prognosis, if nothing else.  I just don't understand that (maybe because I'm compulsive in looking anything up for better understanding).  When I was without a computer for a couple of months recently, I would think of things every day that I would normally have looked up, and it seemed so strange not to have access to do tht.  Some things I would resort to looking up in an old edition I have of a dictionary, but it was too old to have much of the medical terminology and information we need.


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So I've been watching a lot of the TV show " speechless" recently, which is awesome, go watch it right now. It's a sitcom about a British mom, lazy dad, smart aleck first born son, geeky middle boy, and ultra competitive youngest daughter. Oh and that oldest boy, he not only has cebral palsy that keeps him from speaking, but NOT communicating, he's actually played by an actor with CP. The show was created by a writer/producer on "friends" and is basically inspired by his life as the 'normal' child of a 'special needs mum' . I don't even LIKE sitcoms, but this one doesn't just make you laugh, it makes you FEEL. And not in an after school special sort of way. All i can say is all the families I know in a similar situation (including me dealing with my mom's dementia) is sure they are being spied on for the show. Me and my Best Friend, who's got a daughter with severe developmental impairments, have to pause every few minutes to say "that's exactly like the time when..." 


Unfortunately speechless is still a baby, not even a season old, and still not officially renewed. Any way, my point is I needed more entertainment. So I decided to write a sitcom on my life

And so here's a scene from the 'pilot', reacting the unsuccessful bubble bursting of a family member-


Dad- hi kid how you doing?

Wendy Voice over- that's my dad. If he were any deeper in d’ Nile  he would have drowned. As it is his body has got to be pruny from all this time spent floating up to his earlobes in it. I'm an only child, yet somehow I didn't expect to grow up to be the sole adult in my family


Wendy- (glances at mom) fine I guess


Dad- how was your drs appointment?


Wendy (still looking at Mom)- good?


Dad - so the Parkinson's is better than?


Wendy- ummmm… let me call you back on my cell phone. (Hangs up landline) excuse me mom, I need to go yell at dad


Mom- he doesn't understand


Wendy- no he doesn't (kisses mom on the forehead than moves to the hallway pulling out her cellphone) yeah, hi Dad. It's me again… I don't know what part of incurable progressive neurological disease you didn't understand…(sighs)... Yep mom's dementia isn't any better either


Vo - the man has two Masters…. And multiple traumatic brain injuries… three chopper crashes in Vietnam and two major car accidents will do that to a person. Until a decade ago he was the Ill one in the family. Now I'm convinced he's going to outlive us all… including that kid who's baby shower I attended last Tuesday… my dad's just too stubborn to die. Not that I want him dead, just a little less dense than depleted uranium would be nice


Wendy- ...okay I love you too

Vo - That's the first thing I said all day I actually meant.


/Act break/

I think the scenes funnier with the preceding stuff, but I'm still not entirely happy with the teaser, maybe when I'm happy with it I'll post it. 

Surgery went so well today insurance refused a second night in the hospital, that didn't entirely please my medical professionals, given I still haven't been able go pee without assistance. My Pollyanna impersonation is busy saying everything will be fine, I'm going to be great once I haven't been awake for 33 hours straight. The Vegas impersonation is busy trying to start a betting pool about how long before I'm right back there. At least this time they drained my bladder before sending me home, instead of trying to send me home without doing anything about the fact I hadn't peed in 12 hours. The nurses aide who wheeled me out and I have a history, she's been with me at some point during all three admissions in the past month. So when I said my usual "don't take this the wrong way but I hope I never see you again" it turned into an Abbott and Costello routine.

This relationship just isn't working for me any more, I've got new interests, like not being poked with needles

We've been growing apart... I'm pretty sure this giant bariatric chair is responsible

It's not you it's me. It's just I've changed since we met, I've quit the destructive relationship with my ovary and lost ten pounds. 

I need to explore my options

Like other hospitals

*And the last one that had us all bursting with laughter-

 It's just the wrong time, wrong place

I don't know if this is the wrong time but it is definitely the wrong place

A friend found me because she recognized my laughter, which was a really sweet moment 

I wish I could remember all the clever things I said last night. One nurse, who was expressing sympathy for mom and I developing our respective diseases so young I gave my standard "yeah, I come from a family of over achievers", made her bust out laughing, my "gotta catch them all"  remark in regards to my long list of diagnosies she didn't appreciate so much demanding "not tonight!" 

Got lots of material for my 'sitcom', I think there's a trilogy in there somewhere. Now if only it would write itself.

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Had a PD -0 ...ME - 1

moment today 

hiked a trail to incredible lookout today!




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