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Good morning!!

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LAD I'm always in awe of people who can sing.  Even at our beach get away I sat out of the singing and let you and your son entertain us.  Even my 23andme profile shows my genes reveal that I can't carry a tune.  Seriously it does!

I purchased 4 baby chicks this spring to double my little flock.  They were all suppose to be pullets but in the chick sexing business I've heard there is a 20% error rate.  In the ridiculously long amount of time I spent picking out just the right 4 little ones that I wanted I grabbed one out of that 20%.  I wrote a poem about her, uhm I mean him.  I don't make any claims of knowing anything about the making of a proper poem but I hope I can add a smile to someone's day.


A Rooster Named Rose


A pullet of the Americauna gene,

she was picked to be the farm's blue egg laying queen.

As the little pullet grew, she changed from white to brown,

And soon manifested a rose comb, that she wore as a crown.

With outlandish feet and a 10 inch tail,

the farmer thought she was growing just swell.

But Rose had a secret, but it was too soon to tell,

so she let the farmer believe that all was well.

She continued to grow larger than her flock mates,

only she knew that laying blue eggs was not her fate.

As time passed by, of her secret not a peep,

'till one morn, when she woke the farmer from sleep.

With a loud Cock-a-Doodle Doo!, Rose made the reveal

of the long held secret he could no longer conceal.

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Peace, that was a beautiful poem,  My wife who reads a lot and has written lots of poetry enjoyed it too.  Most excellent!!  More please..

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Thank you jb!   It's always scary to show others what you've created.   I don't know if I have any more poems in me or not but if one bubbles to the surface I'll post it.  I hope you're getting along well and all the kinks are getting worked out in you're programming.  I can understand how it could all get extremely frustrating. 

Have a wonderful day everyone.  It feels good to finally have time to talk with you all again. 


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