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Dr. Okun

What's Hot in Parkinson's Disease Blog: Eight Sinemet Rule

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Dear forum members,


Check out Dr. Okun's blog this month:




Does the FDA really recommend not to exceed 8 sinemet a day?

Sinemet is a registered trade name by Merck pharmaceutical company located in State of New Jersey, USA, for the combination of L-DOPA and

Carbidopa, w/w 4:1 and 10:1, respectively. The company, actually, uses the FDA recommendation as the information for patients who have

been prescribed one or the other formulation of Sinemet. The interesting point is that at least 75 mg Carbidopa/daily is necessary to

complete blockage of aromatic aminoacids decarboxylase on periphery (outside of CNS)and to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by L-DOPA

alone. This combination has effectively permitted to considerable decrease the dose of L-DOPA needed for substitutional therapy of PDs.


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