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    • Hey Superdecooper seen you are on how things going. Been wondering hope well.  Tom
    • OCW I agree with not looking to self diagnose on internet.  But from what it sound like your doctors are thinking your new position at work and stress are your problem.. Now I am no doctor but the lose of some grip and your talking of hand problems.  I know you had a EMG to check nerve conduction throughout your body. I would try a good chiropractor.   When you go in say notion of anxiety, stress and new job.  Just tell him about your hands and grip strength.  A good chiropractor will take a good look at your cervical spine with x rays.  It would surprise you the knowledge a chiropractor has of the spine. With this said please don't look up c-spine. I found going in blind and just state symptoms works best. Please don't take what I have said as if I think you are a basket case. I do not!  But pinched nerves make you tense up and can make things worse.  One thing you will know after a chiropractor looks you over he or she will see a pinched nerve.   I am only trying to give you another avenue to check out. Tom PWP
    • Hello Gardener I am 64 now and if I would of gotten to the right doctor would have been diagnosed long before 59.   I now Take a total of 900 mg sinemet a day.  But to be honest I think even without Parkinson's our exercise level of tolerance changes as a normal part of aging. Not everyone will change at the same rate. I can speak in my case wear and tear physically is part of my feeling worse after exercise .  Getting back to dosing over my 5 years has been adjusted. The  dosing  time between doses moved to less time between doses and increased to control symptoms. (stiffness, cramps, slowed movement  and tremor )  My muscle mass is less, my strength is less, and my stamina is less. But I am 9 years older than I was at 55. After reading your workout I think you sound to be doing pretty darn good especially for 8 years in.  Starting off 3miles per hour 30 min. and 3 degree incline is a good pace. My wife is your same age and that is her daily walk.(no PD)  Next exercise try a shorter warm up and then do your arm presses and legs presses first. Then walk 20 min..  Make a comparison.  See if you were able to do more reps arms and legs.  Fatigue is a part for most a symptom of parkinson's.  ( You are not old at 63)  and believe me I know it is a taboo to mention. My wife lets me know!   But for almost everyone our Max capability at 55 and 63 will change. Fact of life.  Another fact I think even without parkinson's ones stamina (fatigue level probably is not the same at 55 and 63). I think you are IMO ( also at Rock S boxing observation of people in our age group men and women) are doing great.  Keep working out check with your doctor to see if a change in dose and timing might be tried.  It could make a difference.   I hope noting I have said has offended you in any way. That was not my intention!  I can tell you this since I have had my diagnosis my goal has been to fight PD.  There are days that are better than other ones.  But we can only live one of those days at one time. Thinking about the negative only fuels negative. As a listener I have read positive in your post.  You are fighting back by working out.  Take one day at a time.  And also observe others without Parkinson's. I bet you will see your performance is pretty darn good in com😊parison.  Tom PWP
    • Haku's, This doesn't sound like Parkinson's to me. I'm not a doctor, so this is just my opinion.  Parkinson's manifests extremely slowly especially in Young Onset PD. It starts on one side and progresses over years. Make an appointment with an MDS who can determine the difference between the multitude of movement disorders out there. Lay off Dr. Google, he is not your friend and will only help confuse your situation. Dave
    • OneClickWonder, This doesn't sound like Parkinson's to me but that's just my opinion and I am not a doctor, just a guy with PD.  You should make an appointment with an MDS (Movement Disorder Specialist) who can discern the difference between Parkinson's, Essential Tremor, or an Anxiety Disorder,  You need to lay off Dr. Google, he'll drive you nuts and your mind will analyse every twitch, hiccup, you name it. Dave
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