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    • Hey everyone - thanks so much for your input. Currently I am not seeing a MDS. I've seen only GP's and an internal medicine specialist. I live in Canada so seeing specialists can be a drawn out process if it's not an emergency. The one downside of free health care. I do plan on asking my GP to refer me to an MDS because the internist did say he suspects possible essential tremor. I'd rather have an MDS make that diagnosis.  I've had an MRI - which ruled out brain tumour. The muscle twitches will be evaluated by an EMG test in the coming weeks/months.  I know Parkinsons - especially young onset is rare - however the hand tremor naturally has me worried. Many a Parkinsons story starts with someone noticing a twitching of a toe or finger or small tremors. Agreed, its not a resting tremor, but again, with things I've read - its not always resting. And I also know that it could be years before anything else creeps up to point towards a more definitive Parkinsons diagnosis.  Right now I'm trying to focus on the stress elements - doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, walking, establishing healthy routines.  Thanks again for your thoughts. I do appreciate it. 
    • I did try and do a search on this subject - but, was unable to find what I was looking for.   I've been diagnosed for about 6 months - but, was aware of the disease symptoms for a couple of years before that.  Before my diagnosis, I weighed about 180 and I'm a 5'9" tall man.  Over the past year, I seem to have generally drifted down to about 165 lbs - and, I feel as though I occasionally try to "cram" some food to stay at that weight.  I've googled "unexplained weight loss" and the results (potential causes) seem long and scary. Do PWP generally experience a slow, consistent weight loss as the disease progresses?  If you have experienced weight loss, did it ever stabilize? Thanks much, Rosencrantz
    • I don't think this sounds anything like Parkinson's.  You're stressing out over symptoms that mean very little. Twitches and small aches and pains are a normal part of life.  I think it sounds like stress and I would suggest that a psychiatrist might be a good place to start. Parkinson's Disease symptoms normally develop slowly - over years.  Parkinson's symptoms normally start on one side, not both sides.  Parkinson's normally involves a resting tremor, not an action tremor.  Where are the symptoms that point to Parkinson's Disease?  I just don't see them. After you've ruled out anything serious (like a brain tumor, ALS, etc), then I would suggest forgetting about the symptoms; staying off the internet; and going on with your life.    
    • Hey Superdecooper seen you are on how things going. Been wondering hope well.  Tom
    • OCW I agree with not looking to self diagnose on internet.  But from what it sound like your doctors are thinking your new position at work and stress are your problem.. Now I am no doctor but the lose of some grip and your talking of hand problems.  I know you had a EMG to check nerve conduction throughout your body. I would try a good chiropractor.   When you go in say notion of anxiety, stress and new job.  Just tell him about your hands and grip strength.  A good chiropractor will take a good look at your cervical spine with x rays.  It would surprise you the knowledge a chiropractor has of the spine. With this said please don't look up c-spine. I found going in blind and just state symptoms works best. Please don't take what I have said as if I think you are a basket case. I do not!  But pinched nerves make you tense up and can make things worse.  One thing you will know after a chiropractor looks you over he or she will see a pinched nerve.   I am only trying to give you another avenue to check out. Tom PWP
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