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    I see. Thanks for the clarification. This must be very hard for you all.
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    Quick Hello and Good Morning to all. Mrs. T got up early to join me at my MDS meeting, as she feels my summary reports are too poly Anna, as I never complain. Funny one was holding the DBS reader when my good doc did the adjustment. Tremor went to no tremor while holding it. Both my Doc and Mrs T caught that, I didn't even think twice about it. Also increased my Aricept to see if that helps with cognitive issues, never a dull moment. My wife asked if I had place the flag outside the house this morning. For the life of me couldn't figure the reason, until she reminded me it was September 11th. I was thinking it was still August. Leih is tearing around, thankfully with her toy rope. For a moment I thought she had my cpap hose! So far, so good. Settling in nicely. One day a time, and I'm enjoying my morning espresso.
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    Good Monday Morning. Thanks for all the emotional support that you Ladies deal out to me. You are all very kind to me as I lay out my doubts for the world to see. As positive and forward thinkers, you watch out for those that need a kind word and you are quick with advice and encouragement. I realize the quandry that I present to people. I know that the general population where I live want me to say that I am feeling good when they enquire as to my status. Nobody really wants to hear the downside. I understand that. But if people believe my answer that I am doing fine, that makes my reply misleading and dishonest. So I think that I will stay positive in my thoughts and attitude, honest in my answers to those who ask how I am and reconcile myself to how I am and what I can do. I must say though that when I answer with "I am going to Toronto to have electrodes implanted into my brain, it gets their attention. LAD, it is good that you have three sons, a husband and parents to care for. You don't have time for downtime. Actually, all of you watch out for others and never do you complain for yourselves. That is what makes you all so sweet! Well, it looks like Irma is running out of gas. What a storm! What about Houston? They were front and centre on all our news channels, then wham, onto the next calamity which was Irma. Even the 16th anniversary of 9/11 where 3 thousand people lost their lives, gets tucked into the news a little deeper. Dianne, I hope that your Daughter will come visit you. Maybe it will be memories of Casey that could draw her closer to you. I hope that the opportunity presents itself in the next 10 days for some reconciliation. I hope that I am not being Nosey, ok, I am. I just think that you both would be happier if you could be closer in your thoughts. Well, I better get at the day. Where do the dust bunnys under the furniture come from? I hope that the Canadians stranded in the Caribbean islands stop crying for the Canadian government to send airplanes to bring them back. The risk was there when you went, suck it up, help the locals, the airplanes will start again soon. Have good days everyone.. jb
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    If you still have your smell, forgot all this PD nonsense, reading this forum and chasing Stanford doctors, go live your life. Find a passion, help others to occupy time. All this anxiety issues will go away then. More you keep reading stuff in this PD forum, more you will think that you will get PD. I would not come here If I were you. You don't have Parkinson's and will likely never get it. Save your $$$ from going after doctors and donate it for a charity or something
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    Good team! I enjoy hearing about Leia. She also looks like she could have a little setter in her(?). And that is so cute about Bob being so enchanted with leia. Mrs. Tex, surely hope you get to have the arm sling removed tomorrow.