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    This is a great PD site! Dr Laurie Mischley's video on nutrition is awesome! Her health care practice is the model of how health care should be.... https://scienceofparkinsons.com/2017/09/18/food/
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    MD Dog Lover, Why are you so sad? Parkinson's is not the end of the world. Your not going to die from having it. It will make life interesting sometimes but it's certainly not something to fall apart from. It's not like you have terminal cancer. My suggestion is to start an excercise program, which is known to slow progression, and live your life. Dave
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    Saw my MDS today. She said your mindset & attitude can have a huge ettect on your PD. I've been exercising, and building an excercise program in my area. I'm feeling good and helping others as best as I can. She looked at me and said "you're doing great - I can tell by your posture. Keep doing what you are doing". So stay positive and stay hopeful!