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    Got a great MDS doctor that spent a long time with me today. Physically my tremors are unlike "typical" PD however since my symptoms mainly developed after stopping medication he said this is an unusual situation that very rarely comes up. So now we have moved on to a DAT scan which will take awhile to get approved and scheduled. He said this should help guide us... Then he seemed reserved about using the scan results to make a diagnosis regardless of outcome as he puts more weight on classic PD signs or documented progression of symptoms than DAT scan results. Not sure if that is common practice. So not sure good or bad news however at least I am more informed, patience and time will likely be the answer here for me. Thanks all for listening and hope everyone is well.
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    Hey everyone, this is my first post and i am a little nervous. I was diagnosed last Wednesday and since then I haven't been able to think about anything else. I am 39 yo, marred with 2 very young children. This started about a year ago for me and after numerous doctors I finally received the answer I didn't want...No meds (the dr gave me klonopin for at night to help my mind rest and I have been on mirapex er for restless legs) yet and I was told to live my life like I normally do. I did join a gym and am going to try to go 5 days a week. The hardest struggle for me is not knowing what the future holds. I realize that we don't have crystal balls and a million things can kill me, its just hard. This online forum seems to be a wealth of knowledge and I plan to visit often.
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    Breathe. It's a process. Educate yourself but don't go down the internet rabbit hole. You are going to be ok. Yoga is good-all exercise is key! exercise is just as important as the meds. Feel free to message anytime. Be present and live for today! LAD
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    I've learned to accept fatigue. Its a normal part of PD, and gets worse as it progresses. From my experience, the best way to deal with fatigue is rest. Exercise and work when you can, rest when you can't. I quit working, and it was the best thing I ever did in terms of managing PD fatigue. No supplement or medication for fatigue has ever been a good long term solution for me, and I've tried them all. I find 2 hour naps, when tired, to be very refreshing. I take daily naps after lunch. In fact, I'm going to doze off in about 20 minutes.
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    Hi Thecount. Welcome to the forum. It's rough at the beginning learning you have PD. It DOES get better. Glad to hear you're on the exercise path. There is no comparison to bad days without exercise vs. bad days with exercise! I'm currently 59. Diagnosed at 57. As you'll learn there are usually hints of symptoms well in advance of diagnosis. We just don't recognize them as such. It would just make us a bunch of hypochondriacs. You'll ultimately find a groove. Best to you.
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    Hello TheCount, Welcome! You've found the right place...a lot of knowledge and support on these forums. I am 48...was diagnosed 15 years ago at age 33. I have two young children also (12 and 9, maybe not so young!). I didn't have either of them when I was diagnosed, though. Take heart...young onset is generally a fairly slow progression. We all progress differently, but you have many, many good years ahead of you. There are many great medications and treatment options. This is a very manageable disease and there is significant research being done. Best advice...educate yourself, find good support (like this forum), exercise, get a good MDS, and relax. I still work full-time and am fully independent. There are frustrating days and times, for sure; however, there are many good days. Know that you are not alone...we are here...lean on us as you need! Peace and blessings, Mihai (Michael)