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    Peace, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved horse. It's so painful when they leave us.
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    Noah, I sound a lot like your husband in some ways. My wife was on the agonists for several years and she changed so much on them due to the side effects. She wanted to go to counseling and we went to a Christian counselor. It did me more good than her. She couldn't see what she was doing and everything she did seemed right in her own eyes. She told me that I had changed and that I used to be a really nice guy that treated her better than anyone, but not anymore. She had changed and the way I was coping was not always the best. Things improved greatly once she was off the agonists and she realized what she had been doing but wouldn't talk about it. More meds were added so more side effects and well as the disease progression made things difficult again. She had DBS three years ago and things were better the first year, then things were getting difficult again. This spring she had an attitude change for whatever reason and things have been better off and on. She continues to deteriorate as far as executive function goes, but her memory is clearer. She talks big, but doesn't follow through with things like she should and day to day chores do not seem as important and the time she spends on the computer. There is so much more, but I wonder if you see yourself in any of this? Maybe show my post to your husband? I know things really get to me and in reality the rest of my life is really good, but she is not interested in any of it really. She also refuses to go to support groups, so I have gone by myself in the past. As per usual it seems to help me but not her. Maybe he would go to something like that if it is for you and not him? If you are on agonists, I would seriously consider getting off of them. Hope this helps, Coach T
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    Deadly diseases like Yellow fever,Malaria,Diptheria,Small pox, years ago were once incurable,but now curable.Arthritis of the hip and knees which were once incurable ,could now be eliminated by replacing the hip or knee through surgery.I can argue that great scientists like Einstein and Galileo did not seek breakthroughs,to get rich or fame,they did it to seek more knowledge.As a researcher,your goal is to seek breakthroughs,upon breakthroughs.I believe,we still have true scientists out there,it may take sometime,but the goals will be met.The awareness about PD, is increasing everyday.Thank GOD for MJ FOX and M ALI (RIP).