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    Yes JB - I am quite ADHD - my son gets it from me. Glad you all are well. I made biscotti cookies and they got a bit crunchy -my mom told me I need a new oven! I did get an error code for temperature out of range so my 350 could have been 500! They are good in coffee or wine. Happy Friday!! We lift each other up!!! LAD
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    With eyes barely open, "Good morning world".he said to the light That had pushed in and burned away the last shadows of the night. He tossed and struggled. Mere blankets bound him secure to his bed. With effort he slipped free of his nest. His feet now on the floor led His unsteady body with tentative steps, but they had to start to hurry To get to the toilet in time. Ah. Made it he sighs. His eyes still blurry. There is a bit of poetry for you all this morning. Can anyone re!ate to that.? Hello Swamper. That is a term I used to use to indicate that I was riding in the front passenger seat. Usually it was in a Friend's car. I think people often call that position Shotgun now. But in highschool, if I sat there, I was The Swamper but you could call me Swampy. Anyways, nice to hear from you. Good morning Dianne. Hi Linda. Hope you are reading along. Hi Em. Well, I better get going here. I have "a lot of pianos to tune today " Be safe everyone. Jb
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    Peace, for you and the family, Diane. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Dianne Thinking of you and your family Bard
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    Same here Dianne, thinking of you. Em
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    Hello Friends, Hi LADy. Good weekend? Bard, you must be having fun with your Grand Kids. Super da Scooper, nice poem. Marcia, I am glad that you have found some help in dealing with your symptoms. I hope this will continue for you. Dianne, that is a difficult wait. Thinking of you, your Father and Family during this time.
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    Prayers to you Dianne.... LAD