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    Hello BlueLion, Don't say you're sad for your young kids. For one thing you are still young and chances are you will witness new discoveries (meds) /maybe a cure ?? in your lifetime. Second, in my experience, my son (whom I had at age 40, some 6 years after diagnosis ) has grown up with a PD mom and has evolved into a very considerate person, always there to help others in difficult situations and does not seem to have been affected by his mom's disease. He will turn 25 on December 26 and is a very positive and successful young man. On April 1st last, I celebrated my 30th anniversary of diagnosis. Am still around, doing reasonably well (I had surgery in the meantime). PD is not a life sentence. You can keep an almost normal life (except for taking meds). So enjoy life and treasure every moment. Take care, Mireille
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    Welcome! I’m 38 and was diagnosed in July, with a 13, 11, and 2 year old. I had been having troubling issues for more than a year so a diagnosis actually was a relief-validated I wasn’t crazy! Now that time has passed I can’t lie and say I don’t have my doom and gloom moments, but things are ok with a few meds and a pretty positive attitude and, of course, exercise. I work full time as a school district asst. superintendent and am 1/2 done with my doctorate which I will finish early. I don’t want to be studying away family time and I do think this disease has made me see priorities a bit clearer. I wasn’t a pro athlete, but I ran several marathons prior to diagnosis and am still running. You’ll be okay! Some people took the news worse than others (of those that know) but with time they’ve gone onto normal again.
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    Welcome to the club. Not that you wanted to join. I was diagnosed at 38. I have 4 kids, a career, and at the time I was also half way through an MBA program (I did finish it, on time even). So I can fully empathize with where you are. That said, anger and stress are not going to help you. I've never taken any anti-depressants so I can't help you much there. If you need to talk PM me your phone number. Happy to tell you my story, listen to yours, and hopefully help you process things.
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    Welcome Blue Lion,it is not the end of life.Mad,sad and fear of the future are all the emotions that comes with the diagnosis of PD.Like LAD stated,exercise has been the only weapon proven to slow down PD.Let's keep hoping for a breakthrough towards finding a cure.Keep exercising.
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    my favorite part of Christmas- our nativity ... we add a piece each year. One year my son hid baby Jesus so well we found him by New Years!! LAF
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    It is a process. Anger is part of it but so is accepting, adapting & adjusting. If you exercise and get a good MDS, PD symptoms can be managed. Exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself - find something you love to do- exercise with your family. My husband and I started Dance lessons when my MDS recommended it. We've been dancing for 3, years. I also do a program called PWR...www.pwr4life.org. PD is not for wimps so choose to fight it. Be present in your life. Don't worry about what may or may not happen. Everyone is different. Your mindset is part of the battle every day. Eat ice cream for breakfast with your kids. Keep a journal-it's a great way to vent. You will look back and see how far you've come. LAD