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    Hello BlueLion, Don't say you're sad for your young kids. For one thing you are still young and chances are you will witness new discoveries (meds) /maybe a cure ?? in your lifetime. Second, in my experience, my son (whom I had at age 40, some 6 years after diagnosis ) has grown up with a PD mom and has evolved into a very considerate person, always there to help others in difficult situations and does not seem to have been affected by his mom's disease. He will turn 25 on December 26 and is a very positive and successful young man. On April 1st last, I celebrated my 30th anniversary of diagnosis. Am still around, doing reasonably well (I had surgery in the meantime). PD is not a life sentence. You can keep an almost normal life (except for taking meds). So enjoy life and treasure every moment. Take care, Mireille
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    Dianne, so sorry for your loss. May he RIP. LAD, I have those sorry days so I try to deal with it by reading or something I enjoy doing. The meds are helping still. Things I couldn't do off the meds are helping. I wish everyone peace and joy and happy holidays. We had a truck but traded it for a minivan. I was having trouble getting up into the truck so a minivan is a perfect height. We've had about 4 inches of snow.
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    He's probably an investor in the company... i'm sorry my finely tuned BS detectors are buzzing red.
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    Hello Bluelion, i am father of 4 (4,9,13,15) diagnosed 4 months ago at 38. Still adjusting to my new symptoms. First month was a worst for me and now i am emotionally in much better shape .Humans are highly adaptive species, so I guess key is enjoy present moments you have and try not to blame yourself. I think there are quite a few more nasty deceases and life situations. It is also good filter to validate your relationships. I am financially worry about my kids, but at the same time they are biggest bright angels of my life and purpose to keep moving.
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    Three years ago today my PD was confirmed and I'm still standing and dancing....but it's been an emotional day and it's not even noon! LAD
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    Caution, sounds too good to be true. Like a paid advertising post written by a sales person to generate web traffic...
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    You're right, I missed that. However, she's in Europe where they'll do surgeries under local or regional that docs here won't do unless under general. I know in Europe they do a lot of open incision hernia operations under local, whereas here I asked about having mine done under local and the surgeon looked horrified at the idea. Said he'd only do it if I was under general. My understanding is that in the USA the standard is to do a battery replacement under general.