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    Our family gathering was a brunch on Christmas Eve. My sister wasn't up to the usual party at her home, so we went to her middle son's home. When Jared offered a prayer about supporting each other after the recent death of my Dad, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. The opportunity to share our grief was priceless. I was able to enjoy an outing with some friends from church to see the Zoolights at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. My daughter and her husband are visiting from Texas. Their Christmas gift to me was three bottles of CBD oil. It relieves dyskinesia and pain from PD. Wishing everyone a 2018 that is a huge improvement over 2017. Dianne
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    Hi all, not too long till we start a new year. Peace: We start our snow earlier than most. It's called Lake Effect. So we get more. I had an urge yesterday to build a snowman and share with you all. But DH wouldn't let me cause it was (I think) only about 4 degrees. Someone told me when snow is too cold it won't pack right. Someone here maybe? I forget. Those family gatherings are what I like the best. And as we enter the 2018's I don't make a wish (or what is that called?) cause I would just break it anyway. So I wish all of you a wonderful and peaceful year. My fam made me go out and watch a movie. The new Star Wars movie is out. That's all I will say. Happy New Year to all.
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    You have to be the one to make the effort to change how you react to people. There is only so much a person can take or is willing to be someone's emotional or physical punching bag. We all have some form of demon that we are facing. It's up to us to break free and look beyond our own problems. I do a lot of boo hooing of my life and how it's been going but I made the choices and I live with it. Whatever you are going through now you are still better off than a lot of people in the world. I see it that way. Take care.
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    Hello everybody, Well, it remains cold in Canada, many outdoor New Year Eve celebrations are being cancelled or at least shortened up. I know that when I am outdoors and get cold that my slow movements and freezing up get even worse. Everyone in a cold zone has to be more aware of the temperature and respect its devious power. Hello Dianne, It sounds like you had some good family moments and some healing moments in your Christmas. That is good. I wish you the best for 2018. Marcia, the word you search for is resolutions perhaps? You don't make New Years Resolutions, Me neither. Not that there is no room for improvement in my habits, just stuck in my ways. And Marcia, snow has to be packy, which happens when it is closer to melting temperature and then the snow flakes adhere to each other and the crusty edges tangle like velcros and mesh together as you squeeze them in your hand, forming a bigger mass of thousands of ice crystals, everyone unique in design and they call out to other snowflakes to join in, be part of this ball and those two flakes now have a following being squished into a snowman ball and the number of flakes that you are working with now number 7.4 gazzymillion which explains why your hubby has to come outside and help you roll that snowball which now weighs in at about 6.2 snowtuns but the big problem is that you have rolled up all the snow in your yard down to the green grass below and you have only a single snowball, albeit a big one but everyone knows that you need 3 snowballs to make a snowman. I would love to give you some primetime Ontario snow, but it is toooo cooold and will not stick together . Gosh Marcia, there must be a resolution to this quandry!? Happy New Years to everyone. jb
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    .Good morning all!! How are you doing Dianne. Did you have a nice Christmas Em.? Hi Linda. That is nice that your brother took you for a drive to see Christmas lights.. And in answer to your question, My family has always gone to St. Pauls United Church, and I will pray for you. My wife and I hosted my family Christmas on boxing day. It included 2 of my 3 younger brothers ..and 2 older sisters, their spouses, kids and grandkids plus my Mom at 88 and my youngest niece once removed, Rosebud at 2 yrs We cooked15 pounds of mashed potatoes, 40 pounds of turkey (3 birds) with 2 kinds of cranberries everybody else brought drinks, vegetable casseroles and desserts. We sat 38 people down at lunch and everyone stayed for a dinner of leftovers and a big roasting pan full of baked Mac and cheese, heavy on the cheese with a thick layer of bread crumbs crust. It was a fun day. I have dyskinesia now that can be bad enough that I just about need to the myself to My chair or end up twisting my way to the floor. And Scooper, many souls are built upon their history. If you wipe the slate clear to start each new day, well I think you would delete the value of your soul. Let's discuss this some more? It is much warmer here today...already up to zero on the Fahrenheit scale. All the best to all of you. Jb