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    Hi, John. Thank you for your kind post and concern. Yes, all of my doctors are specialists at Johns Hopkins and are tops in their fields and wonderful and caring. My PCP has a reputation of being a top diagnostician. She keeps my hematologist and MDS in the loop, and I communicate on line with them and my other doctors. She ensures I get the proper blood and other testing done, and she repeats any of those that look concerning. Most recently I tried an overnight test wearing a gadget that was to diagnose whether I have sleep apnea or not. I should hear today. I'm sure I have it. Anyone who can recommend a CPAP machine they like--especially the mask part--I'd love to hear about it. Thanks. I seem to have some sort of pulmonary obstruction. Oh, joy. This is what concerns me more than any of the other things going on. We have had cold, windy weather which I always welcome! And a little snow. The loud electronic snow machines were whining early this morning, and I'm looking out on immaculate parking and walking cleared areas. I much prefer to hear the scraping of snow shovels. Nostalgia. Wow: You've had a really, really cold stretch when you say the temp has been -25F! I envision you in your wonderful old farm house enjoying the wood stove warmth and the wonderful scent from the smoke. How nice. And soon you will be getting your DBS! Has it been scheduled yet? Yesterday I went to get blood drawn, etc., and had to do it fasting. I was so confused about everything, even which building I was in. It's hard enough when I've eaten, but it was really embarrassing with an almost-empty head and stomach! And my latest thing is that whenever I have a cup of water with me as I do things, I drop it. Not cool. Take care, and be careful also with that slippery snow and ice and cold temps. Do you have help with the things that have to be done outside? Take care, and have a real nice day. We're all so glad you have kept up this thread as a place to meet and greet each other daily. You've accumulated a very impressive following with the number of views nearing half a million! VioLinda