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    You are a mom. It's probably in your DNA to worry forever. Take care.
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    I appreciate your kind words. This has saddened me but I'll be ok! Some days I can't stop thinking about it. I work full time and have a full life and this has stopped me in my tracks. But it's about being a mother and loving my child. It's hard to watch someone you love struggle.. you want to take it from them. I most definitely will read about Joni E. Tada! Thank you!
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    Hang in there! You are a wonderful mother. God will not leave your family in this situation without solutions. You might want to explore a little bit about an American quadriplegic woman Joni Eareckson Tada who became disabled at age 17 and has been in a wheelchair for 50 years. She overcame her initial depression and has been helping other people with disabilities. She is married and her husband is very supportive. Take care.
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    That is a question to post in the Ask the Pharmacist forum. My personal experience is that those medications do not cause tremor. Dianne
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    can a history of xanax and/or ambien cause resting tremors?
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    Early tremors in both hands and legs do not sound like PD or MS to me. I have PD and my wife has MS and neither of us have experienced those symptoms before.
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    Truer words have never been spoken! Thank You!
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    My understanding of some of the early antipsychotic meds is that they produce PD like symptoms in people. Sometimes, it is permanent. My cousin took some of the 1st gen meds for 20 years and developed severe resting tremors - that persisted even after the meds were stopped.
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    one dutch chemist working out of his home found levadopa,should I say more.lol
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    If your smell is still there, you can smell a banana, cofee, I would rule out PArkinsons. Loss of smell is a classic PD symptom that happens years before tremors and rigidly comes. It will save you an expensive doctor visit. There is absolutely no benefit of an early Parkinson’s diagnosis. Dont go looking for Parkinson’s on the internet. Internet will always prove what you believe is right. You do however need to work on your depression and perhaps work toward a goal to be free of anti depressants if you can. Exercise is an excellent antidepressant and will likely cut your chances with Parkinson’s or alzimers and other neurological disorders. I also recommend Ashwaghnda, it’s a very effective adaptagen
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    Welcome Roses, I am not a doctor but with just tremors on both side and no other symptoms it leads me to believe the Neurologist may not lean toward a Parkinson's Diagnosis. I have seen a several people come on this forum who have used antipsychotics in the past with tremors. Generally Parkinson's starts on one side of the body and the tremor (if present) is a resting tremor that goes away when movement is initiated. Also there is usually other symptoms as well rigidity, slowness of movement, Gait problems, lack of smell just to name the most common at Diagnosis. I hope for your case, that it is the drugs and not Parkinson's. This is not a disease I would wish on anyone. I hope you find the answers you seek on the 8th of Feb. Stay positive because attitude is half the battle with any medical problem. Keep us posted. Blessings Adam
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    I guess I should have stated that my daughter has no idea I am struggling this way. That is why I am feeling so alone. I have been positive and upbeat on the outside for her, but I have been very depressed on the inside. I thank you for your comments and appreciate the good suggestions. I am hoping in time I will become more accepting of this. Exercise is a huge part of her daily life so that is definitely something she will benefit from. Best to all!
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    You have to be the one to make the effort to change how you react to people. There is only so much a person can take or is willing to be someone's emotional or physical punching bag. We all have some form of demon that we are facing. It's up to us to break free and look beyond our own problems. I do a lot of boo hooing of my life and how it's been going but I made the choices and I live with it. Whatever you are going through now you are still better off than a lot of people in the world. I see it that way. Take care.
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    My mom worried non stop about all her kids. Now that she has dementia she won't do it anymore.