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    Hello Dan – After four months on just rasagiline, how are you doing now? Is this the brand version?
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    Hello J – I'm new to PD and am on the first 30 day treatment with Azilect. So far the symptoms are not worse. I feel the worse symptom is my struggling to write and hope for the moment when I can again. Are you still taking the list of meds on your profile; Mirapex, Azilect, Carbidopa/Levodopa, Amantadine, Ubiquinol (CoQ10)? And are you taking Pramipexole?
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    This is a myth. Smell dysfunction is common in PD but many if not most people are not aware they are impaired.
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    I think that I enjoyed the second book a bit more. Both were good but..#2 was better for me.
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    Apathy in PD is overplayed.Like anyone you have to move your muscles to reeducate the cringing brain.lol I have changed some old habits but I do a lot more new things that I ever thought Id do I might give up some fishing but I plan on doing more golf Despair leaves me when zi get out of bed.lol I take less c/l than 3 years ago now
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    I use rasagiline Dr says they believe it may slow down the progression of Pd and supposed to aid the other drugs to prevent the wearing off effect as your dose wears off . I don't use any of the others though . Dan