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    In our clinic we generally start with daily exercise and Azilect and then if symptoms are still impacting quality of life we don't hesitate to start either sinemet or a dopamine agonist. If an agonist we especially watch for side effects of sleepiness and impulse control disorders (gambling, shopping, eating). In your case our clinic would likely start medications. Hope that helps.
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    +1 on Linda's comments. Just have to go get 'er done. I may add that if it is going to get done it will in the first two thirds of the day before fatigue sets in for me! I get up relatively early and by the third cup of coffee around 8am when the news on TV starts to repeat itself I know it is time to get in gear. I try and concentrate on that one or two main "to dos" and I keep a running list for the week and cross them off as they get done. Exercise, as a natural habit< is the biggest challenge for me and my sedentary type B personality. Executive function is taking some hits here and there in the planning stage. That all being said, there are still a few things I used to care about that just don't matter to me anymore! Thats no all bad when productive time is less. DB
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    Super - noah is a lady. Took me a while to figure that out.
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    I havent been able to have sex in months. I have to talk tom my doctor. PD takes everything away!!