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    It also depends on if you are interested in getting involved in research. I would think the centers may have more opportunities....you can look into that if that interests you. No right or wrong answer If it's an MDS and you like them. Start exercising if you don't already. Don't get hung up on what's the right way...just do something you like to get moving! LAD
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    Thanks for the thoughtful answers! Genden69, Your words brought tears to my eyes as you put into words what I think my heart already knows. We are heading to Hawaii for a visit this spring so will have those important discussions. Miracleseeker, We live in Arizona and travel often Nebraska where our moms (age 93 and 87) still each live on their own. We know how much difference temperature makes on my husband's PD symptoms! It will either be Arizona or Hawaii for us. This conversation has also helped me think the difficulties of being further from Nebraska would bring for us too. Travel time from Honolulu to Nebraska is generally 10-15 hours (think how stiff my husband would be), with more than one plane change, and fairly expensive. We can get to central Nebraska on a direct flight from Phoenix in under three hours for less than $100. Lots of food for thought this morning, Glad we have the next couple of years to get it all figured out.
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    What's vigorous to you may be different than vigorous to me. Do what you like, get your heart pumping and do it safely. Exercise won't help if you injure yourself. If we keep moving, maybe it won't catch up!!!😉 LAD
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    Good one LAD,....I always have the music on when using computer...
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    Hi, Haven’t posted before, just wanted to relate the exercise I do that I am certain has held off PD progression. I was diagnosed 7 years ago, I am 56. 3 times a week I go to spin class and reach HR numbers of 130-150. 2 times a week I box with a boxing coach, regularly reaching HR of 150. I golf 3 x a week 2 x a week, general work out. This is a fairly rigorous schedule and I am pretty much always sore but my symptoms have actually reduced. I no longer have a tremor and I walk more smoothly. Whether this is just being stronger and more limber I don’t really care...I feel so much better being active. One interesting thing that occurred today, was in taking my medication prior to spin class, I took my extended release drug, Rytary, instead of carbidopa/levodopa . This resulted in the drug wearing off halfway thru class. I presume the lower concentration of the extended release drug was not strong enough to provide sufficient dopamine for the high intensity workout. Has anyone else experienced this. I hope this post finds everyone well, KEEP MOVING.
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    Maybe this is too simplistic but Find something you like to do that will keep you motivated to stick to it. You can have the most recommended program in the world but if you don't enjoy it, you probably won't stay with it. (At least I don't think I would.) Keep moving! LAD
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    I do a program PWR Moves. Parkinson's wellness recovery...www.pwr4life.org.... it's very good. You can look for a certified trainer or therapist in their website. I also take ballroom dancing with my husband. LAD
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    There are only so many places that have good weather so that's not something you can do much about. Having support to me is a no brainer. The CG or PWP cannot do it alone sooner or later.
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    Decisions are hard. For what it is worth, I vote for living near your son. I say this not just for the care of your husband, but for you. As his care becomes more difficult, not only does it give you peace of mind to leave him with someone that you trust while you do necessary shopping and errands, or a little R and R, you have someone close to talk over decisions you need to make or just unload about the difficulties of caregiving. I would check with my son and see how he feels about it.
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    we were in hawaii last year.Nice place to live.It can be also very reasonable.public transportation there so you don't need a car.There going back to being self sufficient with food there so it will be cheaper.Weather ideal for pd usually about 80 degrees every day,not hot or cold. Not for us now as all family in nys
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    My way of thinking has always been to be close to family so they can help when needed. Hired help has been a nightmare for me from the start. I have become skeptical of the level of care they give to my mom and how the truth is that they don't give a damn about her. Carpet vs floors. Love floors for the look but I do like the feel of carpet and some are fine with wheelchairs. It's easier to keep floors clean which is why I only have floors in my house. However... they can be slippery. This is a very important topic indeed. I hope more people will chime in. Thanks.