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    I'm letting DW sleep. It's almost 3AM. Just finished cleaning up after my almost 5 year old daughter threw up for the 5th time tonight since going to bed. I guess that's one bright side to PD effects like insomnia and a poor sense of smell. Poor kid. Just hope she feels better tomorrow.
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    Good Morning everyone, Hi Em, thats a cute little poem, I wish you would post more of those. It makes a bit of time frame as well. You have had PD for 13 years. If I used your poem outline, I would say: PD can be annoying, I'm sure you all know. Diagnosed at 49, now I am six oh! You have been dxd for 13, and I for 11 years of pd EM, I think I almost forget what normal feels like. I have a dental appointment this morning to fix a broken filling. I hope that I don't get all dyskinetic and chew the fingers of the dentist. LInda, thanks for your kind words as always. I did make up little stories for the kids when we were driving. When I write about animals and nature and the Farm, I know that my thoughts are influenced by a set of books that I first discovered I will tell you some of the characters and lets see if anyone reading here today, knows the name of the series. Johnny Chuck, Sammy Blue Jay, Reddy Fox, ooh this is too easy for you. gotta get going. be safe, jb
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    Thanks for sharing your experience and for taking the time to write. It is helpful. John
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    Hey Stump, I've started swimming every day, rain or shine, because exercise is supposed to slow progression - I'm in the early stages of this and I'm all about not having this progress into me taking buckets of medicine each day. But I guess the bright side for me is that I've dropped from 252 lbs to 237 lbs since early December. I'm swimming about 1 mile a day, 6 days a week. So, there - a bright side, I suppose. -S
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    Yes it is great to have not only a name but an effective treatment at least for now. I first suspected pd a little over a year and a half ago when the tremor became constant and I started dragging my leg on the same side. Unfortunately I was being treated by a neurologist that denied pd to the max. I continued over that time frame to go down hill to the point of being on a cane on good days and walker on others. I was also starting to have breathing and speech problems. I quit work as an industrial maintenance technician. My wife and I sold everything and moved closer to my parents because we were beginning to believe maybe the neurologist was correct with suspected als. This was at the Shreveport La va. With the move we had to go to the Dallas va, my first visit with a neurologist there he strongly suspected als a scheduled another emg within two weeks. The neuromuscular specialist that performed the emg was shocked that the test did not show als. She went and got the neurologist I had seen two weeks earlier and I ended up with four neurologist and a trial of sinemet with a years worth of refills and a follow up with the mds on staff at the Dallas va. I didn't take the first pill until the next morning and within 45 minutes knew a year and a half of limbo was over. I went outside the va to a mds when I first suspected pd who diagnosed me as parkinsonism with atypical features. He suggested a dat scan which was viewed as normal at that time and then proceeded to withdraw his previous diagnosis. I never went back to him for a follow up. I had my follow up with the Dallas va mds on Monday of this week who watched me walk down the hallway to the exam room and said she knew I had pd before I made it to the room and that she suspected I was getting close to time for my next dose. She proceeded to do a full exam on me and finished by moving doses closer and adding a extended release at night. And she voluntarily stated I have had pd for at least five years without me knowing it. My wife and I moved our rv to a park in Shreveport on Tuesday. And I will be back to work soon hopefully. My days as an industrial maintenance/ electrician are over I know but I know I can still do a lot of things within reason. Long story short I learned five things. 1 never give up. 2 if you aren't happy or don't have faith in your doctor find another one. 3. Parkinson's, although life changing and challenging, isn't the worst thing that can happen to a person. 4. The members on here are a very helpful and knowledgeable bunch of people. 5. A dat scan is subjective sometimes. Kevin Age 41