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    Hello Everyone, When I grow up, and develop better work habits, I hope to become more disciplined and attend to required paperwork in a timely manner. I have had the papers here to renew license sticker on my car for about 2 months. It can be done online or at a government office. I renew mine at the office usually but decided to do it online this time. You can do it online up to the date of expiry which would be midnite tonite. It took me about 25 minutes and had about 30 minutes to spare. Next year I will do it at 6 oclock on the day of expiry instead of waiting until 11 pm. Linda, the hospital is a teaching hospital affilliated with the University of Toronto and there are many wonderful and clever minds at work there. The group that will work on my brain take referrals from neurologists from all areas of the country. I think that is the way they keep things in order, in Budget and organised. Your cousin could contact the hospital, Toronto Western, and ask for the neurology department and make a request for an appointment but it would be a long process. Most specialists take new patients through your family gp which partially sorts out cases and they see the proper doctor. Does this help you any? Good to see and hear you She Ra, Cabin in the mountain sounds great to me. If the thought of snow excites you Sheila, I will swap you a farmhouse for a mountain cabin down south for 3 months next winter. Hi Dianne, sounds like a rough weekend for you. That tube is bugging you again! Still? Sorry for that. THE VIEW SOUNDS LOVELY. I'm sorry it will take awhile yet to get the dbs device but that is the way it is here. Oh well. Good Luck to your son LAD y for his singing. As of this week, I am now 60 yrs old. I can't believe that. Good nite my friends jb.
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    Update...my son is in the semifinals in his competition tomorrow😊 LAD
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    Good afternoon. Somehow the morning slipped away. LAD, your son is very talented. I enjoyed his singing. It is amazing how quickly he can switch from one song to the next without missing a beat! Sheila, I sure can relate to the PD progression topic. Breaking out of the isolation is difficult for me, too. I was released from the hospital last evening after several days of IV antibiotics for an infection around the site of my peg-j tube. It was a very strange experience. They had only a few items on the menu that I could eat. The first doctor I saw told me I would have to have food brought in from home because they are not equipped to feed patients with special dietary needs. Fortunately one of my caregivers was able to bring a few items in. I was in isolation so there was no way to heat the food up once it was in my room. I lived on gluten-free banana muffins and peanut butter cookies, tangerines, and sliced bananas with lukewarm tea for three days. I had a stunning view of downtown Seattle and Elliot Bay from the window in my room. I will try to upload a picture if I can figure it out. JB, I feel sad about the delay in your DBS surgery. I've seen it help many people. It will happen exactly when it is meant to. Hang in there. Dianne
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    JB, I am still here, reluctantly. I have experienced some progression, albeit mild, but enough to upset me for a while. It has greatly disturbed my state of denial. Had my MDS visit about two weeks ago and he increased my C/L which was another blow. Another bite of acceptance I guess...:( On a brighter note, DH and I are set to retire July 20. A couple of months ago, we moved full time to our Georgia "mountain" house up in NE Georgia but are still working full time in downtown Atlanta. It is a b!tch of a commute but we are saving quite a bit of money. Just a few more months to go. It actually snowed a tiny bit yesterday which always thrills me. Hugs to all here! I read everyday to see what you are up to. The smiles you give me help more than you know. Love, Sheila