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    Waruna01, I also have my sense of smell, though somewhat diminished. W01, it is not helpful to continue to categorically state that people who have their sense of smell do not have PD. It simply is not true and both Dr. Okun and many members on this forum have attested to that. Gardener
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    I find moving around - walking makes it go away faster. It seems to be the shot of adrenalin for me and as soon as I get the adrenalin out of my system I'm fine. It's worse when I'm sitting or confined.
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    Within minutes of talking to a certain person, I would get a violent right hand tremor— I am almost exclusively left side symptomatic otherwise! I used it as a reason for changing a relationship status and taking Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and assertive communication training. The assertive communication was revolutionary! My whole life I had thought I was a firm yet fair person only to find out I’m a pushover!😁. My children were shocked I hadn’t known how passive I was. Now I appreciate my nervous tremor because it’s an indicator to take care of my needs and I can say “Ooh, look at that tremor, we’ll have to discuss this later.”
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    It is better not to think about it,because that is when it really gives you more anxiety.So try to be as calm as possible and avoid stressful situations.