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    Good morning, Last night when I let the dog out for a goodnite whiz, I heard a sound that I have been waiting to hear. The springtime peepers. Little frogs calling out to each other, restablishing relationships interrupted by 4 or five months of Canadian Winter. When springtime is close to arriving the Red Winged Blackbirds arrive and sing rap music, individuals with a song to sing about how happy they are to back to the bullrushes and ponds of the open countryside. The Peepers on the other hand sing in a huge choir in 3 part harmony directed by some Froggy dressed in a tuxedo waving a baton. This year the RW BBs came back during a warm spell on the ill fated advice of some sleepy eyed grounhogs who likely were stunned by the tv cameras and carrot sticks on Feb 2.and have3 froze thier asses off. But the spring peepers have a weather Guru, or some insider information of some sort because they know when true Springtime is about to spring. And there was no frost last night, finally. And this morning the sun was greeted by an air temperature of about +4 cel, Now, don't go planting the garden yet. The peepers will have a short run of warm evenings, and then freeze up again, 3 times in fact. The next thaw will last longer, then a shorter freezeup and then a third frost period maybe covering only a few nights during the full moon in May. Then they begin again with the evening music. Then it will be well into the month of May, and you can put bean seeds into the soil and cutup potatoes into long straight rows. Okay Catchup time: -I was at a funeral last week where the minister read aloud the Munsch book :Love you Forever. -So Cal and Lad, thanks for the different ideas on signature completions. -Linda, hope you are well, thanks for encouragement you give me when I get around to posting. -yes Beaus Mom Dianne, You can dream, please do Girl! What a beautiful generous heart you have. Many people would dream about a garden that produces lots of stuff to store for later use, but you Dianne can't wait to share the product of your garden with everyone else. big hug to you. -LAD I read your blog. You have a very positive outlook. -Dianne. you say that you have anxious moments. I have some some as well. I know that you do too Em, and I am feeling more stress than I want to. Maybe there should be a joke of the day published by Marcia, so that we start the day with a chuckle. I vote Marcia. -My Mom is in a nursing home and she is beginning to have some confused moments where ....actually she isn't confused. It is all very plain to her. At age 89 she slips back to the 1940s and she is a young Lady, boarding in town through the week at a boarding house house with her school mates to attend High School. But why isn't she going back to the farm on the weekends like she always did. And why do people around her go home on weekends but they aren't back on Monday. And then she will come back to year 2018, and everything is back to normal, and she isnt so happy being there but understands that this is where she can be best looked after. My sisters Sue and Jane visit her often and us 4 boys do as well, and the place is starting to bother me somewhat because sometimes I see me being helped into the car to go to Easter Dinner, for a drive, dr appointments but I don't want to live at the Manor and I am not planning to: Yet it is "the best spot for you Mom" and she receives wonderful care and sees lots of people. When asked though who was in today Mom often has forgotten aslready. I am not dwelling on my future, but I wish Mom was a bit happier with her situation, but I understand her thinking. -Swamper, The dragon is a good ideal. I should investigate. I could then swamp the Swamper in the swamp with reams of paper articulating my life and thoughts there of until you recall the dragon lest you get buried in my dictations. uum, stilla good idea??? -Shera , I still will send you snow if you want it. Your love for your cabin is apparent as your love for where it is situated. I have a close cousin who just yesterday told me he really enjoys travelling to Carolina. Do you like that " Carolina in my mind' song by Neil Young.(I think it is) And finally, the big thing coming up for me is DBS. The date jiggles around like Jello on a spoon. But it will happen soon, Can I sing this to a tune? With the peeping tree frogs to the Moon? With chords played by the dog on an electric Bassoon? I best end this before it gets all Cat in the Hatish. Nope, it is escapism, I think. I'm a little bit worried by the upcoming dbs surgery so I divert my writing every which way. I am ok now. - -Mimmilaster: I need to thnk you. You have posted a couple times giving me encouragement and confidence in the team that works at the hospital in Toronto. I have been there and met the doctors, most recently the surgeon, and I am confident in the abilities that they have developed. Wow, such clever and talented and confident young men and women. I have heard that dbs patients do have weight gains following the surgery. I don't have a date yet. We thought it was going to be awhile yet but recent exchanges indicate it may be sooner. We will see. Meanwhile I am glad to hear your praise for that hospital and the team of professionals and any other advice you wish to offer. Okay, have a great day Mirreille, and Everyone else. Be safe and take good care of yourselves. jb
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    I read that the best breathing for anxiety is inhale 4 seconds hold 7 seconds and exhale 8 seconds. That seems kind of hard to me I basically just practice slow inhale and then slow exhale. I try to be loosen up and stretch my joints if I’ve been sitting Practing some calming yoga moves will help at home also. I love Yoga with Adrienne which is free on YouTube. She has some short very easy videos for bedtime and stress relief. I literally felt asleep on the floor at the end of her sleep video,,,lol. They are very easy videos because I knew nothing about yoga and just started them myself.
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    Brian L. Deep breathing exercises works.Inhale through the nose,exhale through the mouth.
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    My dr taught me to completely exhale out your mouth .... Deep breath in .... Exhale through your mouth like you are exhaling through a straw... It slows your addrenaline...I also have stickers all over reminding me to do it LAD
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    Welcome to the group Brian - sorry you are here though. I have a breathe app on my phone that I do daily. I think anxiety is a bit natural but I think knowledge helps - The more I know the better I feel. My diagnosis was a year ago