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    Noah, The best way to remember is to use an old bottle and put some Sinemet in it. Then you place it where you start to work out. I actually put mine by my water bottle. Works every time
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    Noah, It absolutely makes sense. Dopamine is the main chemical which makes muscle move. When we lack Dopamine, we lack the muscle motor skills, and we then have PD. When we work out, exercise, or do anything strenuous our body requires us to use more muscle strength, which requires more Dopamine. That is why if you have PD and do not take your medication before you do some sort of work out, you will definitely be off afterwards. I always recommend that PD patients do any exercise son after they take their PD medication. That way they will not be off ahterwards. Great topic. I hope this helps and please keep me posted.
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    I have noticed that when exercise i am usually off after wards. I used to work in a diabetes center and it reminds me of when a person with diabetes work out they can get a low blood sugar which means that their blood sugar has run out. i try to take 1/2 sinemet either before i exercise.( If I can remember) or at my next dose Mark does that make sense? i