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    Good Morning everyone! It isa beautiful day in Southern Ontario today. Actually, I got to see all of the morning and the sunrise on this Summer Solstice. It is a little cooler this morning, following hard on the heels of some humid days. The grass is green and my lawn is nicely mowed thanks to Imy brother who came up to my house yesterday to do it. It is a busy time of the year for me, but I need to stay away from the work until the surgeon clears me. Im only allowed to lift about 5 pounds until then. Gee, that amounts to only a very good sandwich. I am needing to get out and excercise more because when I sit around, my muscles sort get stuck, but I need to sit around more and rest some sore muscles cause when I do too much, my muscles get sore. Life is busy. Have good days everyone jb .
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    As a person with DBS, I would definitely say yes! I have no regrets about my decision, and personally benefit greatly from it, but am aware of cases where it may not have been appropriate for others. In fact, I was recently asked by my DBS team to speak with another candidate about his concerns with the procedure. After some discussion I recommended he put off the surgery for now. But think about it ... a specialized team of doctors and therapists are assembled to evaluate and treat DBS candidates. Some of these centers are without a doubt better than others, yet in any case it is quite an expense. They know of the great possibilities and are anxious to spread their good deeds. But now, 16 years after being approved by the US FDA, more centers are competing for potential candidates. Pioneers in the field are being joined by others and they all need to show a return on investment. All while the pool of potential traditional candidates is shrinking. There is bound to be some "aggressive" players in the field looking to expand their horizons. Check out this article: The article also touches on the ethics of DBS , especially due to its psychosocial effects. I hear of many failures in this procedure and considered them myself. But I was to the point where I felt there was nothing to lose. My dyskinesia was debilitating and dystonia so bad I could only writhe in bed for hours every evening. Never mind the many other common symptoms. For some of us it is a "no brainer". Others, ?